Welcome to the Liengme Medical Centre website, a centre which provides medical and psychology care. We anticipate that this website reflects our objective to meet the needs of our patients in a friendly and agreeable environment.


Our approach is based on the principle of integrated care and continuous education. The integration of physical and mental care within the same establishment is more than just the sharing of work space; it involves the pooling together of competences and thoughts which ensures not only quality but also the coordination of healthcare.  A team of 14 professionals with strong commitment are engaged towards the accomplishment of this goal.


All the physicians are specialists holding a Swiss FMH (Federation Medicorum Helveticorum) qualification. Likewise, all the therapists have a postgraduate diploma and have completed the training required to practice delegated psychotherapy* as recognized by the Swiss Federal law LAMal (Loi sur l’Assurance-Maladie) and required by the state of Geneva.


Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that in agreement with the Swiss Medical Association (FMH) and the Medical Association of Doctors in Geneva (AMG), we uphold:

  •     • The restriction of patients’ data transmission to insurances,        in order  to ensure confidentiality and to protect the privacy        of each patient
  •     • Transparency of insurances
  •     • The right to  choose your doctor
  •     • The accessibility to healthcare for the whole population



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