We offer adult and child psychiatry consultations as well as psychotherapy. You may request our assistance for simple expert advice or for psychotherapeutic and/or psychopharmacological care.The team comprises more than 10 psychotherapists with different background training and experience.  This allows a given patient to be assigned to one of them according to different parameters, such as those related to the therapist’s therapeutic technique and competence. This promotes the development of a stronger therapeutic bond and greater efficacy of care.In addition to general psychiatric problems (depression and burn out, anxiety, sleep disorders), some of the areas of expertise of the Liengme Medical Centre are:

  • • Schooling difficulties and drop out phenomena
  • • Migration related problems
  • • Eating disorders
  • • Drug dependency  and other addictions
  • • Mother-child relationship
  • • Behavioural disorders
  • • Pain and psychosomatic disorders
  • • Relational problems

One of the innovative approaches of consultation at the Centre is a bifocal approach to the management of a patient involving collaboration between the psychiatrist and the psychologist. On the one hand, the psychiatrist focuses on the external environment, comprising psycho-social, family, work and drug prescription issues. On the other hand, the psychologist offers psychotherapy, which addresses in a more intimate way the personal experiences, the emotions and the history of the patient. Another of our interests lies in the existence of  group psychotherapy sessions.
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