The Cabinet Liengme offers consultations within both child and adult psychiatry and psychotherapy. We can either provide you with a simple specialist opinion or with periodical psychotherapeutic and/or psychopharmacological treatment.

    The Cabinet Liengme consists of fourteen psychotherapists specializing in diverse professional domains, displaying a large range of skills and psychotherapeutic techniques. Across a wide spectrum of psychological difficulties, this allows each of our patients to receive the particular support necessary through an effective and strong therapeutic alliance.

      Other than dealing with generic psychiatric difficulties (depression, anxiety, sleeping problems etc.), the Cabinet Liengme can also provide expertise in various other areas, such as:

      • •Academic underperformance or failure along with    difficulties and phobia within the school environment
      • • Migration
      • • Eating disorders
      • • Drug and substance addictions
      • • Mother and baby relationships
      • • Behavioural difficulties
      • • Pain and psychosomatic issues
      • • Relationship problems

      One of the originalities of our psychiatric therapy is our bifocal care between psychiatrists and psychologists combined together. Our methods offer, primarily, a psychiatric pole suitable for concrete psycho-social, individual, family, professional and medical issues. Secondly, our treatment approaches additionally reach out to subjects concerning particular lived events, emotions and the history of the patients.

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