Group psychotherapy is appropriate in the health care system if the patient has issues that are difficult to treat using individual therapy. This applies especially to some situations of social withdrawal, relational or behavioural problems in both children and adults.


Individual therapy may sometimes be poorly tolerated or turn out to be insufficient. In this case, implementing group therapy along with individual therapy may help treatment and even help resolve conditions of therapeutic impasse.


Our clinic offers group psychotherapy of 4 to 6 people within the same age group and led by 2 therapists.


Our psychotherapy groups follow the concepts of expressive therapy, which is currently recognized by the Swiss Federation, and are led by at least one ASP therapist (Swiss Association of Psychotherapists) specialized in this field.


These therapies involve not only speech, but also artistic expression. The many creative outlets such as role-playing games, painting and sculpturing aim not at artistic performance, but at the expression allowing exchange and self-reflection in a non-judgmental atmosphere.





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